Administrative Services

All of the members of the finance department standing on the steps outside of City Hall


The Finance Department provides accounting, budgeting, and financial reporting for all of the City's operations. The department is a budgetary component of the Administration Department.

The department provides the following services:

  • Generates the City's bi-weekly payroll and the state and federal reporting associated with payroll
  • Is responsible for the investment of City funds in accordance with the Investment policy adopted by the City Council
  • Maintains accounts payable for the City funds
  • Monitors the expenditures of funds against the balance of available funds for each fund and department of the City
  • Prepares proposed budgets (PDF) that are submitted to the City Council
  • Receives and deposits governmental revenues received by the City
  • Records the budget as adopted by the City Council
  • Responsible for debt administration such as:
    • Arbitrage compliance
    • Continuing disclosure
    • Making debt service payments
  • Serves as the City's principal means for financial reporting; such services would include:
    • Budgetary reporting
    • Financial analysis
    • Reports of capital construction projects
    • Quarterly investment reports