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Posted on: February 2, 2018

Paving And Drainage In Fishers Landing To Begin

On February 1, the City, ARKK Engineers and AAA Paving held a public meeting to kick off the paving and drainage improvement project in Fishers Landing. The goals of the $2.3 Million project are to improve the road surface conditions, provide uniform road widths throughout the neighborhood (22 feet for major north-south streets and 20 foot wide streets for all others), and re-grading of roadside ditches to allow for improved drainage. 

As the project moves throughout Fishers Landing, it will be conducted in two steps. Step one involves replacing identified driveway culverts and re-grading roadside ditches on a given street section. Step two involves an 8-inch in-place asphalt recycling with a 2-inch fresh asphalt overlay on the section of street where the ditch improvements are complete. 

Construction crews are expected to begin in mid-February and the project will last approximately 7 months.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the City allow us to put in culvert extensions?


We will allow a culvert extension of only 8' max, but the homeowner must apply for a permit with the City.


Can we add a second driveway?


We will allow a second driveway, but a permit will need to be submitted by the homeowner to the City and County


Can we completely cover our ditches?


Permits to completely cover ditches will not be accepted until after the contractor has completed the project due to the requirements that must be met under our culvert policy.

Click here for more information about how to pull a permit, frequently asked permitting questions, and instructions for applying for a permit.

If you are ready to pull a permit to begin additional work, you can click here.

Click on "Additional Info" for a full overview of the project.

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