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Complaint Process & Public Education
Complaint Process & Public Education
  • Any person, who believes that an officer of this agency has engaged in racial profiling with respect to that person, may file a complaint with the chief of police. No person shall be discouraged, intimidated, or coerced from filing such complaint or be discriminated against because they have filed such a complaint.
  • A citizen complaint form that describe the agency’s procedures for filing a complaint may be obtained from any officer or employee of this agency or by calling the agency and having the form mailed to them.
  • The chief of police shall accept and ensure that each and every complaint alleging racial profiling by agency officers or employees is thoroughly investigated. Such complaints shall be written or the City employee or official receiving the complaint should reduce the same to writing. It shall include the time, place, and details of the incident alleged, identity of the officer(s) involved, identity of the complainant, and contact information on the complainant.
  • Any agency employee or City official who receives a citizen complaint alleging racial profiling shall forward this information to the chief of police within 24 hours of receiving the information. Receipt of the complainant shall be acknowledged in writing to the complainant. All such complaints shall be investigated and reviewed by the chief of police or his designee within a reasonable time. The results of the investigation shall be filed with the chief of police and with the complainant.
  • When investigating a complaint of racial profiling, the investigator shall seek to determine if the officer(s), who is the subject of the complaint, has engaged in a pattern of racial profiling that includes multiple acts constituting racial profiling for which there is no reasonable, credible explanation based on established police and law enforcement procedures. A single act constituting racial profiling may not considered a pattern of racial profiling and may not be grounds for corrective action.
  • In the event that a complaint of racial profiling filed by an individual involves an occurrence that was recorded on audio or video, the investigator shall, upon commencement of the investigation of the complaint and upon written request of the officer, promptly provide a copy of the recording to the officer that is subject of the racial profiling complaint.
  • This agency shall provide education to the public concerning the racial profiling complaint process. The summary of the public education efforts made during the preceding year shall be included in the annual racial profiling report filed with the City of Mont Belvieu Office of the City Secretary.