Mont Belvieu Fire Department

The Mont Belvieu Fire Department battles a truck trailer blaze on Interstate 10

The Mont Belvieu Fire Department was founded in September of 1938 as the Barbers Hill Volunteer Fire Department. In January, 2003 the name was officially changed to Mont Belvieu Fire Department to more accurately reflect the service area of the department. In 2005, Mont Belvieu Fire Department officially became a department of the City of Mont Belvieu. The Fire Prevention Bureau was created in 2018 and is staffed by two part-time fire inspectors.

While the word “volunteer" may have been dropped from the name; the department is still staffed by volunteers via radio, app notifications, and pager calls. Mont Belvieu Fire Department currently has over 30 members with a wide range of experience and expertise. Many members are industrial firefighters in various area refineries while others are commissioned firefighters in surrounding cities; There are also average citizens, just like you, who have trained hard to answer the call and serve our community. Several members are also trained in HAZMAT, extrication, high-angle rescue, and other skills with dozens of certifications and thousands of hours of education and training available to the serve the City of Mont Belvieu.

  1. Lee Atchison

    Emergency Services Director
    Phone: (281) 576-2213 x2201

  2. Ken Hall

    Fire Chief
    Phone: (281) 576-2213 x2203