Parks Planning

Hackberry Gully Master Plan map

Planning Tomorrow’s Parks Today

Our residents truly value what facilities like City Park and the Eagle Pointe Recreation Center bring to our community. It encourages time together as a family, activity, fitness, and a love of the outdoors. That’s why as Mont Belvieu continues to grow, our staff is working hard now to plan the places and spaces that will be essential to our city in the future; from the ambitious Hackberry Gully Regional Detention Park to new nature trails that take advantage of the landscapes and waterways that cross our community. Big projects or small ones, the Mont Belvieu Parks and Recreation Department is dedicated to ensuring we make the most of the open spaces and features that help make our city special.

Parks & Recreation Master Plan

While parks have traditionally been viewed only for their physical attributes, such as their beauty and provision of space for outdoor activity, there is an increasing awareness as to their spin-off values. The purpose of the Mont Belvieu Parks and Recreation Master Plan is to determine the community’s current and future needs for improving its existing parks and recreation system and to provide for adequate areas and facilities to meet both the short and long-term needs of the community. This Master Plan is intended to guide the planning efforts for developing a “first-class” public parks and recreation system.

Trails Master Plan

Mont Belvieu’s recent growth trajectory has placed an increased demand for higher levels of amenities. The careful planning and implementation of a well-designed trail system is a key ingredient to this enhancement strategy. This anticipated development pattern means the City must have the appropriate design guidance, and in some cases regulations, to ensure a pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly approach to transportation and recreation infrastructure.

Hackberry Gully Regional Detention Park

The Hackberry Gully Regional Detention Park project was envisioned by the City of Mont Belvieu to create a city-wide and regional amenity supplemental to the fundamental and pragmatic need of providing storm water detention. The detention capacity provided is capable of meeting immediate construction demands as well as future storm water detention needs within the watershed.

City Park Phases II & III Master Plan

In phase two we will be constructing 5 new softball fields, 4 sand volleyball courts, two full-sized covered basketball courts, a soccer field, and an expansion of our walking trails. In phase 3 we will be turning the existing Coastal Water Authority canal into an expanded lake with more trails and a forest canopy. In this phase, we will be able to increase our soccer fields as the sport continues to grow within our city. The final piece will be adding a larger skate park for youth and teens to enjoy. 

Joe Mathews Park Master Plan

With this project, we acquired the Coastal Water Authority’s old pump station property along the old River. This property has almost 200 yards of waterfront property for our residents to enjoy. The over 100-year pump station makes a nice pocket off of Old River. Where the previous station was located, we will repurpose that area into an ADA Kayak Launch site. This launch will be the City's first "blue trail" with the waterways tying into the Old River community and out to Lost Lake. The park will also include a new playground that will be inclusive for all children, a butterfly garden, new walking trails as well as revamping of the existing backstops and basketball court. The park is geared toward getting residents back out into nature and will be full of interpretive signage detailing what they see. The City was awarded a Texas Parks and Wildlife grant for this project and construction will begin this summer.

Eagle Pointe Golf Club Improvement Plan