What to Wear

Because of the exposure to extremely cold temperatures, there are mandatory requirements for clothes worn in the chamber. You should arrive at your session in dry, comfortable clothes.

Recommended attire is worn inside the Cryotherapy unit:

  • Men - Compression shorts or underwear.
  • Women - Underwear or tight-fitting shorts. Tops - such as bras without underwires or tight-fitting shirts - are optional.
  • Robes, gloves, socks, & slippers will be provided for your use.

If you've just completed a workout, you'll need to be completely dry, changed out of your workout clothes (including underwear and sports bras), and relaxed enough to where you stop sweating. The goal is NO moisture!

It is fine to leave your hair down and have on face lotion or makeup, but it makes the task easier if your long hair is up. We ask that you do not apply lotion or any moisture to your skin an hour before your session.

No jewelry or metals can be worn below the neck. You'll need to remove all piercings below the neck before stepping into the unit.