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Bring your home-schooled students to Eagle Pointe Recreation Complex for their Physical Education class! This program is for kids ages 5 - 17.



Pay by month or by semester

  • $25.00 per child, per month**
  • $85.00 per child, per semester**


Register online by selecting your child's age group below or stop by Member Services in person.

Please read over our Home School Policies and Procedures

Our program is designed to suit every age and ability level while affordably fitting into your budget. Our program combines flexibility and fun to give your children a foundation for strong bodies.


  • November 22nd & 24th
  • December 20th – January 10th
  • March 14th & 16th
    *Schedule subject to change.

**When registering your child(ren), you can choose to pay for the semesters in full or on a monthly billing option.