Rules & Regulations

Rules and regulations for the Wave Pool

  • Outside food or beverages are prohibited/coolers or glass containers are prohibited. This includes bottled water.
  • No outside tubes / floats allowed in the park (including arm floats or floaties).
    • We provide for you & do not charge for the E.P. Wave Pool tubes usage.
    • Tubes must remain in the water at all times.
  • Prohibited items may not be taken into the pool (snorkels, fins, glass or tempered glass face mask or any other scuba equipment, balls, or any hard plastic toys).
  • Life jackets are available for rent at the ticket booth.
    • Personal life jackets may be used as long as they are Coast Guard Certified.
  • Children 10 years or younger must be supervised by a person 15 years or older.
  • Proper swimwear is required (ex. Brazilian/European or any type of thong swimsuits, cutoffs, attire with belts, buttons, or zippers are prohibited). Signs are posted prior to entering the park as to what to wear.
  • Hanging onto or crossing over lane rope is prohibited.
  • Regular diapers are prohibited -swim diapers are allowed.
  • Animals and pets are prohibited.
  • The following actions are prohibited: smoking tobacco, e-cigs & vaporizers, use of or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, running, diving, horseplay with the tubes, rough play, profanity, and discharging bodily waste.
  • Persons with infectious diseases, open blisters, cuts, or bandages are prohibited from using the pool.

Volleyball Court rules

  • The Volleyball Court can be used for gameplay only.
  • Balls can be checked out at the ticket booth with a personal item (such as an ID or keys).
  • The game ball must remain in the court area.
  • The game ball is supplied by management and must be returned after play.
  • Organized/team play must obtain management's consent prior to play.

Playground rules

  • The playground is intended for children 2-12 years of age.
  • Adult supervision is recommended.