Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool

General Information 

A Permit is required for the construction of a swimming pool.  The building requirements adopted by the City for swimming pool permits 2018 ISPSC- International Swimming pool and Spa Code 

Submittal Requirements 

Please apply at The City’s online system My Government Online

Required Documents

  • Construction drawing
    • Foundation pool plan with an engineered stamp (sidewall diagram that bears the seal and signature of an Engineer) 
    • Scope of work
    • Design of pool 
    • Self-closing, self-latching gates (pool barrier requirements, compliance & locations)
    • Location of P-Trap for backwash cleanout
    • Drainage Plan
    • Electrical pool Plan
    • Plumbing pool plan
    • information for VGB approved drain & cover that will be used
    • Gas riser diagram 
  • 2 Site Plan/Survey – 1 Official site plan before pool installation and 1 with the proposed swimming pool along with existing utilities
  • Approval letter from the Homeowners Association, if applicable
  • General Contractor Sub Trade Form

Inspection Requirements

An inspection request must be scheduled through My Government Online and performed by the City of Mont Belvieu for each task listed below:

  • Pool Layout Inspection 
    • The location of the swimming pool matches the site plan/survey provided to the city.
    • Confirmation that 8-1-1 has been called for line location.
  • Pool Steel Inspection 
    • All rebar is in and lifted off the ground along with sidewall and with bonding.
  • Pool Electrical Rough Inspection 
    • Conduit is installed and wiring is done.
  • Pool In-Ground Plumbing Inspection
    • All plumbing is installed and on test before covering to check for leaks.
  • Pool Deck Steel and Bonding Inspection 
    • All rebar is in and lifted off the ground with bonding.
  • Pool Fence and Door Alarm Inspection - Prior to Pool Being Filled
    • The permanent barrier (fence) for the pool is in compliance with the 2018 ISPSC.
    • The back door of the home has an alarm/chime when opened. (Must be different from all other doors.)
    • The fence gate must be spring-loaded and self-closing with a latch height of at least 54 inches.
  • Gas Meter Release/Final Inspection 
    • If needed – gas plumbing needs to be pressurized with a gauge on it, for testing.
    • The site has been cleared of all waste and debris.

Schedule An Inspection

Use My Government Online to request all inspections. If for any reason you cannot log into your account, please:

  • Call the Customer Service line at (866) 957-3764
  • then press 5 for a new inspection.

All Inspection requests placed before 8:00 a.m. Monday through Friday will have a same-day inspection.