What is a "master-planned community"?

A Master-Planned Community (MPC) is typically a large acreage, mixed use residential development. While this type of development is typically focused on single family homes, it will also generally include retail and commercial developments as well. MPCs are largely known for the community amenities they deliver to the residents living within the development, but also, as in Riceland’s case, to the greater community. Overall, developments like Riceland seek to establish building and aesthetic standards that will control pace and quality, through planning the development growth, over the large acreage and an extended development timeline.

Master planned communities like Riceland typically focus on four main areas:

  • Amenities: Riceland will offer residents some exclusive amenities like Outdoor park and pavilion and Clubhouse building with splash pads and pools. Mont Belvieu residents living outside of the development will be able to enjoy Riceland’s fish camp, walking trails, green spaces, and the new Town Center.  All these amenities help create a sense of community by encouraging families and neighbors to spend time together without needing to travel across town or away from home.
  • Lifestyle: One of the most important components of an MPC is the lifestyle! Riceland will enhance and preserve Mont Belvieu as our hometown. Riceland will have weekly hometown events in the greenspace and festival street as well as local restaurants that fit in with the agricultural history of the area.
  • Neighborhoods: Planned communities like Riceland are unique because they include a mix of distinctive neighborhoods and home designs. The availability of styles and types of homes found within Riceland will ensure that homebuyers can find the perfect place to meet their needs and lifestyle.
  • Multiple Uses: One does not simply live in a master-planned community. Many master-planned communities also include shops, restaurants, services and more; this provides convenience for residents that’s critical in today’s busy world. Riceland residents will have access to the developing Mont Belvieu Town Center and the city’s Eagle Pointe Recreation Complex. 

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1. What is a "master-planned community"?
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