Won't all of these new homes overtax the City's utility system?

Riceland’s Development Company will construct 100% of the new public utility infrastructure, in public bid format, according to the City standards and State of Texas regulations, for the City of Mont Belvieu to own and operate upon completion of construction. As of January 2023, the City’s Public Works and Engineering Department estimates that the current water/wastewater system can handle an additional 1000 homes before there would be any concern about capacity. However, the City of Mont Belvieu is already working on expanding the system. There are several utility-related capital projects already either under design or in construction that ensure the City's utility system stays well ahead of demand all the way to Mont Belvieu’s full build-out.

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1. What is a "master-planned community"?
2. What is the benefit of a master-planned community?
3. Where will Riceland be located within Mont Belvieu?
4. Will the development really bring 4000 new homes to Mont Belvieu?
5. I like the hometown feel in Mont Belvieu. Isn't this going to ruin it?
6. What will Riceland look like?
7. Will Riceland make my taxes go up?
8. Does Riceland benefit current residents in any way?
9. Won't all of these new homes overtax the City's utility system?
10. How is traffic going to be addressed with all of these new homes coming in?
11. What is the connection between Riceland and the City's new downtown/town center?
12. How are the developers paying for Riceland? Or, is the City paying for it?
13. What is a MUD?
14. Riceland is clearing a lot of land. Aren't you concerned about the natural spaces and animal habitats?