Who is a food employee?

Under TFER  §228.2(56) food employee is an individual working with unpackaged food, food equipment or utensils, or food-contact surfaces.  

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1. Who must obtain food handler training?
2. Who is a food employee?
3. Who is exempt from food handler training?
4. Where can I take an accredited food handler program?
5. What is an accredited program?
6. Can a food handler program be taken on the Internet?
7. What will I receive to indicate that I’ve completed training through an accredited program?
8. Does a food handler card or certificate issued by an accredited food handler program receive reciprocity?
9. The Texas Food Establishment Rules require specific training for bare hand contact of ready-to-eat foods. Do the accredited food handler programs meet this training requirement?
10. My food establishment procedures include bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods. What training is required for my food handlers?
11. How long is my food handler card or certificate valid?
12. How will a food establishment show proof that employees have taken a Food Handler education or training program?
13. What if I lose my food handler card or certificate?