Who must obtain food handler training?

The Texas Department of State Health Services ("TXDSHS"), under Texas Food Establishment Rules ("TFER") §228.33, requires that all food employees, except for the certified food manager, shall successfully complete an accredited food handler training course, within 60 days of employment.

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1. Who must obtain food handler training?
2. Who is a food employee?
3. Who is exempt from food handler training?
4. Where can I take an accredited food handler program?
5. What is an accredited program?
6. Can a food handler program be taken on the Internet?
7. What will I receive to indicate that I’ve completed training through an accredited program?
8. Does a food handler card or certificate issued by an accredited food handler program receive reciprocity?
9. The Texas Food Establishment Rules require specific training for bare hand contact of ready-to-eat foods. Do the accredited food handler programs meet this training requirement?
10. My food establishment procedures include bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods. What training is required for my food handlers?
11. How long is my food handler card or certificate valid?
12. How will a food establishment show proof that employees have taken a Food Handler education or training program?
13. What if I lose my food handler card or certificate?