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July 4th Apple Pie Vendor Application

  1. Details & Vendor Info

    What's more American than apple pie?!

    This Independence Day, the city of Mont Belvieu will host the annual celebration in city park and are looking for something very specific from local bakers to add to this year's event.

    What we're now looking for: 
     • Apple Pie / Apple Turnover Vendor

    Our event will take place from 2PM - 9:30PM, and we see crowds up to 1,100+ folks. 

    This is an application only. To avoid conflicts, we will limit the number of similar vendors and offer space on a first come first served basis for each category. Please understand that we receive more inquiries than we have booth spaces available, so if the category you applied for is already filled, you will be contacted for alternate items you can offer or placed on the waiting list. If a vendor cancels, first on the waiting list will be contacted and so on.

    Upon approval of your application, you will be contacted by phone or email to confirm your vendor status at the event.

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  4. Food - Mobile Units

    If you have a mobile unit such as a food truck, trailer, etc., tell us about it here. 
    If cooking food on site, a mobile unit is required. 

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